• Today’s post is to discuss some of the differences between pneumatic and solid skid steer tires. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages – as well as applications that they are best suited for. Pneumatic Tires Pneumatic tires are a very popular choice for things like construction road work and agricultural applications. They are the lowest up-front cost option for equipping your machine and also provide the operator with the most ride comfort. An obvious downside to pneumatic tires is that you will inevitably get a flat – and predicting when and where that flat is going to happen is next to impossible. Getting a flat while working on a job not only sets you back the replacement tire & labor installation costs – you have to factor your . . . Read more
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  • With the busy season approaching for both our landscaping and construction clientele – today’s post from the National 1 team is to discuss the difference between choosing an aggressive tread vs. an anti-vibration tread for non-metal core tracks, or NMC tracks for your Cat, ASV or Terex MTL machine.  An obvious benefit of deciding to purchase non-metal core tracks is their unparalleled operator comfort. But did you know that there are different varieties of non-metal core tracks that are designed for very different applications? Aggressive Tread Pattern Aggressive tread NMC tracks have a more traditional lug style. They produce more pushing power & more tractive effort than their anti-vibration counterpart. Pros: -Greatly improves traction in loose ground or wet . . . Read more
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  • Hello & Welcome to our new site! We are very excited to be launching our brand new site for National 1 Track & Parts. Our goal is to be able to provide you with an excellent shopping experience for all of your equipment's rubber track, tire and undercarriage needs - either online or on the phone. Whichever method is most convenient for you! We've been very busy getting our site constructed - but since it is brand new, we'd love to hear your feedback & comments on how we can improve your shopping experience. Feel free to email [email protected] or call 1-888-608-6188 with any questions or comments. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us & hope that you come back soon! Please stay tuned for frequent updates on sales, . . . Read more
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