Which MTL Non-Metal Core Rubber Track is Right for your Business?

With the busy season approaching for both our landscaping and construction clientele – today’s post from the National 1 team is to discuss the difference between choosing an aggressive tread vs. an anti-vibration tread for non-metal core tracks, or NMC tracks for your Cat, ASV or Terex MTL machine. 

An obvious benefit of deciding to purchase non-metal core tracks is their unparalleled operator comfort. But did you know that there are different varieties of non-metal core tracks that are designed for very different applications?

Aggressive Tread Pattern

Aggressive tread NMC tracks have a more traditional lug style. They produce more pushing power & more tractive effort than their anti-vibration counterpart.


-Greatly improves traction in loose ground or wet, muddy or otherwise challenging terrain.

-Designed to be rugged enough to handle asphalt and other tough debris on job sites.


-Increased tractive power means that these have a higher level of ground disturbance than anti-vibration NMC tracks.

-The operator will experience greater vibration in the machine.  

Bottom Line: This track type is best suited for work sites that have a lot of loose debris or material on the ground. This rugged track pattern also is well suited to lend much needed tractive support in muddy or unstable terrain.

Anti-Vibration Tread Pattern

The anti-vibration track is generally what is on your machine as the OEM component. This track has lower ground pressure than the Aggressive tread NMC tracks.


-Allows machine to tread lighter, achieving less ground disturbance.

-Very comfortable, vibration reduced ride for operator.


-Less pushing power in the machine in comparison to the aggressive pattern NMC tracks.

Bottom Line: This track type is best designed for applications such as landscaping work. You’ll have less rework and repair because of the reduced ground disturbance from this track type. Anti-vibration tracks are best suited for turf or other compact terrain that is mostly free of debris or loose materials.

National 1 Track & Parts carries non-metal core tracks in both anti-vibration and aggressive tread patterns, so that we can offer you the right component to fit whatever is right for your business application. We source from manufacturers that supply high-quality designs that prevent internal track stretching and breaking of lugs that can frequently be found in inferior NMC tracks. With our superior design as well as guaranteed proper fitment – our NMC tracks will eliminate downtime on your machine and save you money while allowing you to complete your job on time.

At National 1 Track & Parts - we can offer you lower prices than OEM - with more flexibility with how you want to shop. Call us at 1-888-608-6188 to place an order today OR do your shopping online at your own convenience at national1tracks.com