• Here at the National 1 office we were doing our morning twitter rounds and came across this very interesting piece of 'upcycled' jewelry that was commissioned by Ford Motor Company and made exclusively from Ford Focus Parts:  Referred from Twitter from @RigginsConst - Found on Pinterest here, Original Credit to It got us thinking, I wonder if there are any examples out there of creative ways to recycle or upcycle rubber tires and tracks - turns out that there are lots out there! We came across a company called Renew Purpose that makes iPhone cases and wallets out of recycled tires:  There's an Etsy shop we found called rubberpieces that makes all sorts of interesting items from rubber tires as well: . . . Read more
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  • Skid steer loaders are well known for their agility and versatility in terms of service applications– but many don’t know how they have evolved over the last 50 years to become the indispensable piece of machinery that they are today. According to Wikipedia & the first skid steer prototype was a three-wheeled loader invented in 1957 by Louis and Cyril Keller in Rothsay, Minnesota. The brothers owned a small manufacturing and fabricating business – and were responding to a local farmer’s request to build something that could better maneuver his burgeoning turkey farm. Photo Credit: After producing a few initial prototype models, the Keller loaders were growing in demand. In order to continue producing the equipment . . . Read more
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  • Today’s post is to discuss some of the differences between pneumatic and solid skid steer tires. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages – as well as applications that they are best suited for. Pneumatic Tires Pneumatic tires are a very popular choice for things like construction road work and agricultural applications. They are the lowest up-front cost option for equipping your machine and also provide the operator with the most ride comfort. An obvious downside to pneumatic tires is that you will inevitably get a flat – and predicting when and where that flat is going to happen is next to impossible. Getting a flat while working on a job not only sets you back the replacement tire & labor installation costs – you have to factor your . . . Read more
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  • With the busy season approaching for both our landscaping and construction clientele – today’s post from the National 1 team is to discuss the difference between choosing an aggressive tread vs. an anti-vibration tread for non-metal core tracks, or NMC tracks for your Cat, ASV or Terex MTL machine.  An obvious benefit of deciding to purchase non-metal core tracks is their unparalleled operator comfort. But did you know that there are different varieties of non-metal core tracks that are designed for very different applications? Aggressive Tread Pattern Aggressive tread NMC tracks have a more traditional lug style. They produce more pushing power & more tractive effort than their anti-vibration counterpart. Pros: -Greatly improves traction in loose ground or wet . . . Read more
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  • Hello & Welcome to our new site! We are very excited to be launching our brand new site for National 1 Track & Parts. Our goal is to be able to provide you with an excellent shopping experience for all of your equipment's rubber track, tire and undercarriage needs - either online or on the phone. Whichever method is most convenient for you! We've been very busy getting our site constructed - but since it is brand new, we'd love to hear your feedback & comments on how we can improve your shopping experience. Feel free to email [email protected] or call 1-888-608-6188 with any questions or comments. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us & hope that you come back soon! Please stay tuned for frequent updates on sales, . . . Read more
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