How to measure rubber tracks.

Today we’re going to tell you how to measure rubber tracks.

When looking up different types of tracks, you’ll notice that each track is represented by a measurement broken into three parts like this example (320x86x54).

The first number represents the track width in millimeters. If you’re measuring using a tool that uses an imperial based system, than a useful conversion to know is that 25.5 millimeters makes one inch.

The second number represents the pitch, or the distance between each link’s center to the other link’s center.

The last number represents the total number of links in a track. The best way to count the links is to put a marker on the link you’re counting. Just make sure not to count the first one twice and always make sure to measure twice to be sure.

Once you’ve got your measurements you can go ahead and order some new ones for your machine.

If you’re not sure and you need to speak to an expert, call toll free at 1-888-608-6188 and they will help you. Also at you’ll find an abundance of different tracks for all makes and models of rubber tracked machines.

If your machine is down, placed orders are shipped same day shipping so down time is minimized.
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