3 Signs your Rubber Tracks are Going to Fail

1. You can’t remember the last time that you checked your track tension. 
If your track tension is loose and you haven’t adjusted it, your track is at a much greater risk to slip. This greatly increases your risk of track tears. 
If your track tension is too tight – it puts unnecessary strain on your tracks and wears them out faster. Your tracks may also stretch out and lose proper fitment which also contributes to tearing over time. 
2. Your tracks are really dirty and you keep them that way most of the time. 
The cleaner you keep your rubber tracks, the longer they will last. Tracks that are full of dirt, debris and rocks are much more prone to mostly preventable premature wear as well as tearing from sharp foreign objects. 
3. Your tracks are squeaky clean, but you forgot to worry about your undercarriage. 
Having dirt and debris trapped in your undercarriage can contribute to damaging wear and tear on the interior portion of your tracks, effectively wearing them out from the inside outward. Not to mention, excessively dirty undercarriage components will need replacement faster than ones that are properly kept clean.
Bottom line, best practice preventative maintenance involves thoroughly washing your machine after every use. This also gives you an opportunity to perform a visual inspection of your equipment to ensure that you stay on top of any fresh damage that you may have incurred during your last job. 
Even if you are reading this and realizing that your machine's rubber tracks are on borrowed time, we can help you find a replacement set at a very competitive price. You can also breathe easy with our 2 year warranty that we have available on much of our product selection - we have confidence in the quality and integrity of our products from industry champion manufacturing sources. Give us a call, we'd be glad to help: 1-888-608-6188
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